Cat Grass Gift Pack

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In our Cat Grass Gift Pack you will get -

Two easy grow cat grass kits
All the components of our Cat Grass Kits are made or grow in the UK.
We use Wheatgrass seeds grown for human consumption on a local family run farm
Grown your own Cat Grass in 4 to 5 days. Grass is completely indigestible to cats so why do they eat it? Most scientists believe that in the wild cats will ingest grass to help them pass or throw up the indigestible parts of pray, like hair and teeth, which protects their digestive system from blockages.

One Trixie sisal covered rattle ball. Promotes playful claw care. Trixie is a German brand specializing in accessories for pets. Diameter: 6 cm

Either Vet's Kitchen Treats or a large bag of catnip OR BOTH!

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