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These Less than Purrfect cubes have small print issues or damage than means they can not be sold at full price. Instead of being destroyed we offer them at an extremely reduced price. They are not purrfect but still purrfectly usable! 

Please see the images for examples of what you will get before you buy. They will be sold best to worst.


Dimensions 35cm x 35cm x 35cm - Cat Portal Diameter 20cm

You can personalise this product with your pets name. Click here to add personalisation

If you love cats you will know cats have an unending passion for cardboard boxes. Leave out a packaging box and with in seconds your fur baby will be in it having fun. But who wants an ugly dirty box lying around? That's where we come in, with our Fur-tastic Cat pods!  These fabulous cardboard creations look Fur-mazing and are recyclable, reusable and affordable. Not to mention sturdy and FUN!

Also included with your cube is an envelope of our extra strong catnip.

They come flat packed with easy to follow instructions This means they can also be easily unfolded and stored.​​

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