Personalise your Cat Cube - Name Only

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This is to purchase the name sticker only

Personalise your cat pod - With your cats name which comes printed on high quality vinyl which is easy to attach.

The size of the writing will depend on the length of your cats name, best fit in a 21 cm by 7 cm space. Printed in black on a clear background

The text will appear just has you have typed it, so please ensure the name is spelt correctly. Multiple words can be done but more than 10 characters will look small.


When you were little I bet some one took your stuff and when you said that’s mine, they said well I don’t see your name on it. Well that’s not going to happen to your fur baby.

You  can now personalise your cat pod with their own name. 

Just pick one of our three fonts and we will print their name on high quality clear self adhesive gloss vinyl.