Valerian Root Powder

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  • Specially imported from Poland and packaged in the UK
  • Presented in a post flap friendly resealable bottle
  • Valerian root is used as a mild sedative in humans but has a mildly stimulating and intoxicating effect in around 50% of cats 
  • Approximately 50g of pure human grade fine powder, purrfect for sprinkling on toys or in beds

Valerian root powder, hailing from the Valerian plant, is a flowering plant native to Europe and parts of Asia that blooms beautiful pink and white flowers in the summer months.

It has a strong smell that some people say smells like fermented chocolate while others think it smells of used socks! You have been warned... Either way cats who react to it seem to love the smell and will both roll in it and eat it and just like catnip it is safe and may even reduce stress.

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