Cat Grass Rye 3 Pack

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Grown your own Cat Grass, its Simple, Easy and a necessity. Cat Grass in 4 to 5 days.

All the components of our Cat Grass Kits are made or grow in the UK. We use high quality Rye grass seeds. 

Grass is completely indigestible to cats so why do they eat it? Most scientists believe that in the wild cats will ingest grass to help them pass or throw up the indigestible parts of pray, like hair and teeth, which protects their digestive system from blockages. You may also notice that your cat eats grass and then very soon after vomits.

This is to help regurgitate the hair they have swallowed when they clean. If you have ever felt the raspy tongue of a cat you can just imagine how much hair they end up swallowing and this can be very uncomfortable for them.

No one wants to clean up cat vomit but at the same time not providing grass can lead to expensive vet bills and unhappy cats. This is especially important for indoor cats and cats living in countries where the weather can keep them indoors for extended periods.

It may even save your house plants!

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