Cat Grass Seeds - Oat (150g)

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Grown your own Cat Grass in a container of your choosing using your own growing medium

150g goes a long way!

Oat grass can be grown indoors or outdoors.

It is an annual plant and will only last one season but if sow outside will reseed itself if left alone.

Oat grass will benefit from being planted in spring or autumn outside but can be grown any time of the year inside.

• Either fill a container with soil or clear and rake a patch of ground. A wider container works better than a narrow one

• Scatter the seeds evenly over the surface and lightly water

• Now place your container by a window and in 4 to 5 days shoots should appear.

Slow or sparse germination is a sign of over watering or over crowding of seeds

Oat grass should be watered once a week but does not do well in very damp conditions indoors so please do not over water

• Once the grass is 2 inches high it can be eaten by your cat or other pet

Oat Grass grown inside will last approximately 2 weeks depending on conditions and the quality of your soil

• If mold develops on your soil you have used too much water or a container that is too small

• Keep any unused seeds sealed in a cool dark place and keep the instructions for future use

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